A little of what we're about.


FestiCal is the only film festival calendar. We've made it our job to provide the most convenient festival circuit experience possible.

FestiCal was created by Blake M. as he'd found a void in the film industry in regards to festival organisation, as well as discovery. Finding no product to suit his needs, Blake set out to create what he was originally searching for: a Festival Calendar.

Browsing lists and individual festival pages to keep track of dates is tedious and behind the times, FestiCal aims to provide more. While we are a small operation, being small allows us to provide a more personal experience with our users.
We gladly help curate and maintain festival pages for even festivals not registered with our site as we believe providing the experience is important, it really is our purpose.

If you are tired of the same old online festival browsing experience then FestiCal is for you. We have plenty of new, niche and exciting festivals here on FestiCal waiting to be discovered.

Mission Statement:

To provide a clean, easy and detailed calendar of film festivals to provide you the best film festival circuit experience possible and ensure you never miss a submission date again.

Development Team

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What do we offer.

Festival Calendar

Browse, track and manage your calendar of festival submission dates with ease. Our system can be used to narrow down exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to being a simple calendar, FestiCal allows you to export your festivals to your Google Calendar, iCal and more. Our festival calendar will help to provide the most convenient festival circuit experience possible.

Comprehensive Reviews

We've built a comprehensive rating and review platform for both attendees and organisers' benefit. Attendee reviews allow you to share information on the festival attributes you consider important and rate those attributes on a 10-point scale.

For example, in addition to providing an overall 10-point rating and some sub-sections of ratings, users are able to provide a detailed and customized review to a festival.

Track & Follow Festivals

Track and follow festivals that pique your interests. Once a festival has been added to your following list, you will receive notifications, updates and more regarding the festival and its dates.

One single click ensures you'll never miss a submission date again!

List & Promote Your Festival

  • Modern, easy to use festival page
  • Full-body, comprehensive reviews
  • Easy communication with followers
  • Send reminders and updates to followers
  • Easily list submitted films and photos of your event
  • Discover where your festival is receiving the most attention from with detailed follower analytics
  • Simple customization to give your festival page some flair

Talk With the Community

Love a festival? Have a complaint? Festival shill? Just like talking to people online?
We've built a comment system to help connect festivals and filmmakers alike.

On FestiCal there are very few rules about what can be discussed and posted on our site. We strongly believe in freedom of speech. Leave a comment on a festival page and begin a discussion today!